Take time out and visit this Gippsland town.

Nestled in the heart of Victoria, Australia, Wonthaggi is a quaint town that often goes unnoticed by travelers rushing to explore the more popular destinations in the region. However, those who take the time to visit this hidden gem are rewarded with a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and a welcoming community. In this exploration of Wonthaggi, we’ll delve into its rich coal mining heritage, the captivating landscapes that surround it, and the vibrant local culture that makes it a must-visit destination.

Wonthaggi’s history is deeply intertwined with the coal mining industry that once thrived in the region. The discovery of black coal in the late 19th century spurred a mining boom, transforming Wonthaggi into a bustling town. Today, remnants of this industrial past can be explored at the State Coal Mine, a fascinating heritage site that provides a glimpse into the challenging yet integral role coal mining played in shaping the community. Guided tours take visitors through the labyrinthine tunnels, showcasing the grit and determination of the miners who toiled underground to extract the black gold.

Beyond the industrial landscape, Wonthaggi is surrounded by natural wonders that showcase the diverse beauty of the Australian countryside. 

For the more adventurous souls, a visit to the Bunurong Coastal Drive is a must. This scenic route offers panoramic views of Bass Strait, revealing the untamed beauty of the coastline. Stop at Eagles Nest, a dramatic rock formation that stands as a testament to the forces of nature that have shaped the landscape over millennia. The juxtaposition of the wild ocean and the stoic rocks creates a captivating scene that photographers and nature enthusiasts alike will appreciate.

Wonthaggi isn’t just a destination for history buffs and nature lovers; it’s also a town that takes pride in its vibrant local culture. The main street is lined with charming cafes, boutique shops, and art galleries that showcase the talent of the community. As you meander through the town, you’ll encounter friendly locals who are more than willing to share their stories and recommendations, adding a personal touch to your visit.

One highlight of the local cultural scene is Artspace Wonthaggi offers quality artworks by Gippsland artists and includes a gift shop stocked with beautiful original textiles, ceramics, jewellery, glassware, and woodwork. Astute collectors and visitors can buy an inspirational piece to take home with them of either fine art or from our extensive range of high quality jewellery and personal items from our Gift Store, and support this not for profit community enterprise

Artspace Wonthaggi is managed voluntarily by a team of artists, artisans and community supporters to link local artists with collectors, and to provide a vehicle for the ongoing pursuit of art excellence in the region.

Goat Island Gallery and Sculpture is an established part of the vibrant Bass Coast art scene. The acres of gardens, pastures, and wetlands surrounding the gallery make it a unique setting for owner/artist, Frank Schooneveldt. For Frank – it is an inspirational place to create and display work. For visitors – it is a tranquil and surprising place to share that experience.

There are a number of regular monthly markets such as  Wonthaggi Rotary markets held the 2nd Sunday of every month.  Plus there are many regular markets held in outlying towns. The Wonthaggi Market, is vibrant, welcoming and open 7 days a week. This is a very popuar Wonthaggi antiques store, it is also the work of many passionate stallholders and collectors, showcasing vintage, retro, quality second hand goods. 

You will be delighted with the many coffee shops and cafes located throughout this small rural town.  The Coffee Collective is a very popular spot for breakfast and lunch where flavours are fresh, and has a focus on locally sourced products. The Coffee Collective’s take on food is stylish and modern. The focus is simple local, organic and sustainable food served alongside Gippsland’s best coffee offering indoor and outdoor seating.

The Hicksborough General Store and Cafe is located in North Wonthaggi and is truly a beautiful cafe serving delicious food. The outdoor area is shaded and is set in a wonderful garden, filled with flowering shrubs and plants. If you are looking for the best coffee in Wonthaggi, then come and dine at our small cafe where we serve coffee, all day breakfast, lunch and a wide range of beautiful sweets.

As the day winds down, find respite in one of Wonthaggi’s charming bed and breakfast establishments or boutique guesthouses. The accommodation options range from historic homes with a touch of Victorian elegance to modern retreats that seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. Whichever you choose, you’ll be treated to warm hospitality and a restful night’s sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready for another day of exploration.

In conclusion, Wonthaggi may not be the first name that comes to mind when planning a trip to Victoria, but it is undoubtedly a destination worth discovering. From its industrial heritage to the breathtaking coastal landscapes and the vibrant local culture, Wonthaggi offers a multifaceted experience that caters to a variety of interests. So, slow down, and take the road less traveled.

Let Wonthaggi unveil its hidden treasures as you explore this captivating corner of Australia.



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