What's To Love, Visit, Eat And Stay About Gippsland?

Who Is Behind Gippsland Directory?

Gippsland is a beautiful and vast area of Victoria.  This wild and scenic island is home to a diverse group of businesses, and I wanted to create a directory to showcase the many talented local business owners of Gippsland!

More so now than ever, it’s becoming increasingly important to support our local small businesses with Buy Local, Shop Local, and as we have seen councils are now on board with Buy Local, Shop Local campaigns. In Gippsland, we have so many unique businesses which will be show cased in our directory, Gippsland Directory.

Who Am I?

My name is Judi, and my background is a mixture of business and communities.  My husband and I began married life running a 7 day a week mixed business by the beach at Batemans Bay for 12 years.  You know the sort: takeaway food, petrol, gas, groceries, ice creams etc. After 4 years,we also took over the adjoining caravan park.

Deeply Involved with Community Groups

During that time, I became very involved in the community: playgroup, youth group, initiated a regular market, was secretary and treasurer on lots of community groups, Broulee Surf Club fund raiser and loads more.

We Moved Back to Victoria

After 12 years we moved back to Victoria, and I studied Community Development. My husband died at a young age, while my 4 children were aged between 10 and 21.

Working With Community Groups

I was fortunate to be employed by the local Council as the Recreation Development Officer.  During this time my work involved helping and guiding groups to apply for funding, and to find their way through the maze of Local Government rules to achieve their projects.

This involved sporting clubs, community group’s playground and skate park development. Community arts projects, conflict resolution, festivals, and celebrations.

This position also included the overseeing of public halls, neighbourhood houses, recreation reserves, and the eight swimming pools in the shire.

A New Path.

I spent several years working in Seymour as the Manager Community Programs for Berry Street.  This target of this position was to work with socially disadvantaged residents, homeless and disadvantaged youth.

Engagement Programs

This was a highly satisfying position bringing community groups together for the betterment of the community particularly the disadvantaged.  

After being successful in receiving funding for an on-going business model.  I lead a community partnership which ran an employment program working with Unions and businesses for over 120 residents.  This was so successful that I was asked to present this program at the Melbourne Town Hall.

 I was also asked to develop programs for community building following the fires. Another very satisfying position

Calling Phillip Island Home 

I moved to Phillip Island a few years ago and believe I have moved to paradise.

While there are many websites about Gippsland.  Some Shires have an informative website about the benefits of their region, but this is not the case for each of the seven shires located throughout Gippsland.

Gippsland Directory provides a website dedicated to the whole of Gippsland.  The audience is fellow Gippslanders and visitors.  I feel incredibly blessed to live in such a beautiful location of Victoria

Social Media Daily Updates and Features

Gippsland Directory Instagram and Facebook posts provide a platform for readers to see what they can find on the website. My posts are a reminder of everything we have here.

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My Goal: Making Gippsland Directory the Go-To Directory Magazine of All That Is Available in Gippsland

If you’d like to join our community and have your business listed here, give us a call, or email us

The directory offers local businesses across Gippsland the opportunity to have your business listed.

This directory will develop into a one stop shop for businesses throughout Gippsland who wish to be noticed. Even if your business does have an online presence you can have a listing.

We can even develop a custom page for your business. A domain would be registered and pointed to the page on the directory. This service would be at a costing of approximately AUD $1495-00 +GST.