1. Your Listing &/or Advertisement

1.1 Gippsland Directory may, at its sole discretion, list your venue or service details on its website or in any database or directory Gippsland Directory may from time to time publish or be affiliated with.

1.2 You covenant with Gippsland Directory the venue or service details you provide are accurate and current and that you will update your listing details directly by signing in and editing your listing details or, you will notify Gippsland Directory in writing of any changes to your venue or service details.

1.3 You acknowledge customers of Gippsland Directory and visitors to Gippsland Directory website will rely upon and use your venue or service details to make decisions and you indemnify Gippsland Directory or its assigns, transferees or successors in title against any claim, suit, loss or damage arising from or in any way being caused by any inaccuracy, or misrepresentation in the venue or service details you provide or arising because you failed to notify Gippsland Directory of any update or change to your venue or service details.

1.4 You consent to Gippsland Directory publishing your venue or service details, or advertising offer on its website and making your venue or service details available to visitors to the website and customers of Gippsland Directory for comparison with other venue or service operators.

1.5 Gippsland Directory reserves the right to edit the regions serviced, location and listing categories to maintain the integrity of the website.

1.6 Advertising claims must not be false, misleading, deceptive or exaggerated and comply with the terms set down by the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau codes and initiatives. Lack of compliance with content requirements may result in the refusal of permission to advertise, or continuance to advertise.

  1. The Service

After receiving a venue or service enquiry via the website, you become immediately liable to respond by either electing to provide a quotation or additional information about your service to the enquirer or by directly contacting the enquirer. This should be actioned within 24 hours of the receipt of the enquiry.

  1. Privacy

3.1 You acknowledge the information supplied to you by Gippsland Directory in venue enquiries and leads or otherwise may contain personal information protected by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“the Act”). Your covenant with Gippsland Directory means you will observe the provisions of the Act with respect to any information supplied to you by Gippsland Directory.

3.2 You indemnify Gippsland Directory against and claim, suit, loss, damage or costs it may suffer as a result of any misuse by you or your agents or employees of information supplied to you by Gippsland Directory.

  1. Fees

4.1 The fee schedule and package content may be changed from time to time and will be made available within the website or by request.

4.2 Unless otherwise agreed all packages are for a twelve month period and are payable in full or by direct debit in 12 equal monthly payments, payments are by credit card or the bank account you nominate. There are no hidden costs associated with an annual venue or service listing.  There is nothing else to pay for the duration of the listing period unless you wish to upgrade your listing with any feature offered by Gippsland Directory. The upgrade cost will be pro-rated over the remaining period of your annual listing.

  1. Refunds and cancellations

5.1 There are no refunds on annual venue listings or advertisements. 5.2 All cancellations and requests for removal of listings from the site must be made in writing to info@gippslanddirectory.com.au

Updated: July 2021